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Excellence © – A Facial Cream For Prevention And Treatment of Lines for Eye Contour, Face & Décolleté.

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Excellence© is a calming, regenerating and nurturing cream especially for skin with first signs of aging. Suitable for eye contour, face, neck and cleavage.

Excellence© is a facial cream for prevention and treatment of lines that can be combined with Divine Intervention© which is especially designed for mature skin with lines and wrinkles. With Divine Intervention© Excellence© is used as an eye cream.

Excellence© can be also used for facial cleansing. It also removes make up, including eye make up. When using Excellence© as a cleanser use it twice when you are wearing make up. 


Excellence© was originally called Calm Rejuvenation. The name was changed when one of my first clients insisted that I should call it “Excellence”, because according to her it is the only name for it that describes it correctly.

The bottle contains 50 ml.


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