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Excellence © For Eye Contour – An Eye Cream For Prevention And Treatment of Lines

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Excellence© For Eye Contour is a calming, regenerating and nurturing eye cream especially for skin with first signs of aging.

The Eye Contour has the thinnest skin of the whole body (with the exception the mucous membranes of two intimate body parts). Because the skin of the eye contour is so thin it its more easily damaged by external factors like sun or inner factors like stress or unhealthy lifestyle.

Excellence© For Eye Contour is A Nurturing, Firming And Moisturizing Cream especially designed for the sensitive eye contour area to prevent Lines And Wrinkles and to repair fine lines.
The organic plant oils used in the product also create a natural sun block.

Excellence© For Eye Contour is an eye cream for prevention and treatment of lines that can be combined with Divine Intervention© which is especially designed for mature skin with lines and wrinkles.

Excellence© was originally called Calm Rejuvenation. The name was changed when one of my first clients insisted that I should call it “Excellence”, because according to her it is the only name for it that describes it correctly.

The bottle contains 15 ml.


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