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Maaret Food For Skin©

Maaret Food For Skin© is a pure and authentic line of skin and body care products for the whole family. Every single ingredient in the products has either nurturing, firming, moisturizing, calming or skin treating effect. The products do not contain anything extra. In Maaret Food For Skin© the traditional herbal medicine meets the new modern, scientific nutritional knowledge.

The products of Maaret Food For Skin© are special. Nothing like this exists. All the products are completely free from any additives – even from the ones that can be used in organic food or skin care products. The products contain clean and mainly organic ingredients: aloe vera, cold pressed plant oils, essential oils, and plant extracts. They also contain some or many of the following supplements: beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, Q10, collagen and hyaluronic acid. These supplements are also as natural as possible.
All the products are Food For Skin®. They are designed to heal and nurture the body. The products are food grade and as organic as possible. The skin is the biggest organ of the human body and it can absorb several substances into the body. Hence only edible skin and body care products should be put on the skin.
All the ingredients are as healthy and beneficial as possible for the whole body and safe for the environment as a whole.

Maaret Food For Skin© was born to offer an alternative for the big body and skin care brands which have an image of natural, clean and additive-free products. In reality, most of these products contain harmful substances. In addition, most of the products marketed as dermatologically tested or for sensitive skin contain artificial and harmful ingredients.
Maaret Food For Skin©offers very effective and totally toxic-free skin and body care products, which are also suitable for the most sensitive person. Every single product of Maaret Cosmetics is a well-thought combination of natural ingredients that are very effective and truly natural, and totally harmless.

The product line will be launched in 2018.