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Equine Therapy: A Way To Self-Empowerment And Positive Feelings

According to the latest research horses recognize different human faces. They also can recognize the emotions a human is experiencing from his facial expressions and the tone of his voice. This is something all horse enthusiasts know, but now it is scientifically proven.[1] Horses are very good at recognizing human emotions and acting accordingly. A horse senses your emotions and answers to them. Therapy horses are particularly good at this. These are horses with even higher than normal capability to Read More...

The Art Of Life Series: Be More Like A Dog

I´m writing this while the most relaxed dog in the world is lying on an armchair on the other side of the room. Cyber came to us 3 years ago. She was abandoned in a cage with her pack by a hunter. When she came to us, she was always restless and wanted to eat constantly. When she got food, she would run away with it instantly. She was always nervous and too eager to please. She had never Read More...

The Art Of Life Series: How To Ruin Your Own Success – A Beginner’s Guide

Both as a business/personal coach and as a department director I have come across with numerous people who have great potential, but who never truly succeed. Deep down this type of a person has low esteem and not enough respect for himself. There are numerous ways how he undermines his own success knowingly or unconsciously, of which the latter is more common. As the subject is quite heavy I wanted to write this article with a little humor and Read More...

How To Prevent Problem Situations With A Child

19 February 2016 By Maaret Auvinen Many of us parents were brought up in an emotionally unsafe environment of blaming and shaming, telling off, shouting, belittling, concentrating on the mistakes instead of success, etc. As adults we now know that this kind of behaviour is dangerous for a child’s emotional and mental well-being, and we have decided to act differently with our children. Unfortunately it is always not that simple. It is easy to be the best parent on the planet when Read More...