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About Maaret Auvinen

Maaret Auvinen
Business and People Coach | Talent Development | Business Development | Strategy | Project Management | MSc in Finance and International Business

I have over 20 years of experience in business, coaching, entrepreneurship, management, strategy and finance.

As an economist specialized in Finance it was natural that I started out as a financial consultant in a prestige banking company in Finland in the mid 1990´s.
In 2000 I started as a consultant, helping start-up businesses create their business plans, marketing strategies and getting finance. Very soon it was obvious that solving personal problems with the entrepreneurs and their employees was the key to create a successful business. This led me to the study of the mind, behavioural patterns and life coaching. Since then I have created a toolkit of simple, but effective ways to help people be the best they can be in both business and in their private life.

For the past two decades I have dedicated myself helping the entrepreneurs flourish, the management be the best they can be and the other employees to improve their skill levels and mind sets to be more profitable for themselves and for their employer.

Now I have lived on the Costa del Sol, Andalucia, for 12 years helping people out in their professional and private lives both F2F and online.

I am also a professional singer and a vocal coach. My latest project is Centro de Equitación y Bienestar Costa del Sol, which is a centre of well-being for both humans and horses combining everything I have learnt so far in life. I have a great privilege to have been able to surround myself with the best professionals in their fields of expertise to make the centre of well-being the best there is on Costa del Sol.

You can contact me on WhatsApp and Telegram: +34 622 514 781 or on email : maaret@maaret.es

Let´s improve our businesses and lives together!

Maaret Auvinen

+34 622 514 781